1. Shooting Campaigns Remotely

    26 Oct 2021
    80% of my work these days comes from shoots I do remotely here in Denver, CO or wherever I happen to be at the moment. My clients may be in NYC, San Fran, Montreal, or recently even Thailand. Ok, but how?  Doesn’t the art director need to be on set?…

  2. Brand Photography Myths: Interview by Flourish Collaboration

    09 Mar 2021
    Let’s Talk: Brand Photography with Lauren Jones, Commercial Photographer Interview by Erica, co-owner of Flourish Collaborative. Read the interview on their site.   Erica: The term Brand Photography can be kind of confusing to people who aren’t in the industry. How do you define the term Brand Photography? Lauren: First let…

  3. Renaissance Woman of 2020

    16 Jun 2020
    Renaissance Woman of 2020 This series was born during the Covid 19 pandemic, as we were all instructed to nest and lounge around our homes just like the fabulous historic Renaissance paintings. That looked different for each person; some lied around in ball gowns and ate Oreos, some tended to…

  4. Planning a Fashion Editorial

    15 Apr 2020
    How It’s Made: Fashion Edition Have you ever wondered about what it takes to create and plan your own fashion editorial shoot? How much planning should go into and how much room should you give yourself to be spontaneous?   I’ve always loved getting to see other photographers and art directors…

  5. Isolated Window Portraits

    07 Apr 2020
    48 hours and 10 houses later, the Window Series was created.  As a photographer, my #1 love is photographing people in a stylized way. Which can be a real buzz kill when that’s the one thing you can’t be around…UNLESS…your subjects are safe and sound in their home.…

  6. 5 Tips Starting Out as a Fashion Photographer

    23 Oct 2019
    If you currently a photographer looking to break into fashion or beauty photography or maybe you’re just getting started with photography and are looking to launch into your next phase? Then this post is for you!  Growing up my parents were photographers. We had an in-home photo studio, so at…

  7. “If I Don’t, I Won’t” Part 4

    01 Oct 2019
    Having graced the cover of countless magazines, the face of national commercials, and an actress in the movie “Love Simon”, Caroline has accomplished a lot in such a short period of time. However, after moving to LA and at the height of her career, she was diagnosed with chronic Lyme…

  8. Art History, But Make It Fashion

    01 Oct 2019
    This week on: MAKE ART WITH YOUR FRIENDS *Edit. What’s really cool about this shoot is it was just a fun passion project, but a couple months later I got hired to shoot a magazine cover and spread because they loved this shoot! Recently I met up with my friend…

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