Remote Team Headshots: How Do We Pull Them Off?

Team headshots have always been a challenge for companies; logistically and financially. Do we pay a photographer every year or quarter to add new team members? Do we just use everyone’s old headshot from their previous company? How do we make them look cohesive and not like a hot mess? This question has become even harder to answer now that most teams are remote and some are spread out over different countries. 

My hope is to provide you with some different creative solutions to team headshots that do not sacrifice your brand.


Solution 1: Photo Illustrations. 

by Lauren Jones

by Lauren Jones

This a great solution for a remote team that is in the creative field and that is playful/approachable. It’s as easy as finding a photo illustrator, like myself, and sending them the file.


- Each team member can use their favorite photo of themselves as the reference

- Illustrator can infuse your brand into each illustration

- Easy to add new team members

- Onboarding perk to receive a custom illustration


Solution 2: Existing Photo + Color Grade/Retouch/Branded Background

by Lauren Jones

This is a solid safe option if your brand is ever evolving. Each team member can submit a high quality image they like for a photographer or graphic designer to color grade, retouch, and replace the background.


- Easy to add new employees

- Cost effective

- Branded

Potential Cons: 

- Each image will have different lighting, making it harder to keep as cohesive


Solution 3: The Zoom Shoot

by Lauren Jones

Doing headshots via a Zoom appointment is becoming more and more wide spread. Startups & individuals photographers offering this service are popping up everywhere. Some take the photo for you via your webcam or phone and help direct your posing and lighting. Some simply provide guides for you to take the photo yourself with your webcam or phone, and they will edit them all for you.


-Better chance at consistency with lighting & posing


-Easy to add new employees. Can be a part of onboarding process.

Potential Cons: 

- Each image will may different light scenarios based on window access & time of day.


Solution 4: The Polaroid Headshot

via Stocksy

Let’s face it, everyone looks good in a polaroid. This is one of my favorite solutions, especially if you are a fun brand maybe in the Gen Z,  D2C, creative space. You can ship a polaroid camera to each employee and have them take a headshot on a white wall, then scan it in. 


- Adds personality to a headshot

- Fun gift for each employee of their very own Polaroid camera

- Very cohesive 


Solution 5: Mixed Media 

Photo & Design by Focus Lab

A mixed media approach is a great way to infuse your brand element while also tying together mismatch headshots. Each team member can submit their favorite, but simple photo of themselves, and a graphic designer can treat the photo according to the brand. 


- Easy to add new employees

- Cost effective

- Branded & infuses personality


Solution 6: On Location

by Lauren Jones

Shooting each team members headshot on-location can be a great way to celebrate the global diversity of your team. The example above I shot with InvestNext, where they have a team spread out over the US. They hired a photographer in each location to shoot their headshots at a landmark or landscape that is unique to the area. This is a fun way to show a little bit about where each person lives. This can be done by professional photographers ideally, or also done by a friend. If taken by a friend, all photos sent to one photographer to edit cohesively. 


- Celebrates global diversity

- Feels personable

-Easy to add new employees


If you or your team is in need of a creative headshot solution, let’s chat.  Together we can come up with the perfect custom solution for your team.

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