Renaissance Woman of 2020

Renaissance Woman of 2020

This series was born during the Covid 19 pandemic, as we were all instructed to nest and lounge around our homes just like the fabulous historic Renaissance paintings. That looked different for each person; some lied around in ball gowns and ate Oreos, some tended to their gardens, and some watched every season of Love Island. But most importantly this series showcases what it means to love your body no matter what the world tells us. 

“Has anyone else been extra critical of their body the past few weeks? Maybe for me it’s been the extra time on Instagram, or my diet changing, or more idle time to think about it. But everyday I’m reminding myself that being skinny and perfect does not make you more interesting, it’s not a personality trait. No one comes home and says, “I had such a good time with them cause they are so skinny.” I’m here for healthy and happy. We’re more than our weight.” - Lauren Jones

“I learned to love my body through academia. Books and essays written by women activists and scholars opened my eyes to the toxicity and oppressiveness of “beauty standards”. So for me, loving and embracing every part of my body is an act of rebellion.” - Blair Rose

“To be feminine is an energy and expression. I don’t feel any less of a man in woman’s clothes. I think it starts with accepting your mind and body and loving every feeling and energy that comes with that. To be true is the most powerful thing you can do and be for yourself.” Tyler Lively

“To be a woman of color is a true gift, even if the rest of the world doesn’t see us that way. When I look at my skin and body, I see years of powerful DNA. Survivors and revolutionaries. I weave that in my jewelry work and hope it helps others feel the same way about themselves when they see it.” - Tatiana Cabral Smith

“How I clothe my body and carry myself is an extension of my art. I want my clothes and accessories to be an extension of my personality. Once I discovered there were body positive influencers who looked like me I felt like I could finally accept myself. Self love is a journey I will always be on but I am loving myself more and more every day.” - Aeriel Lane

“For me and my body it’s never been about a trend, but I’d be a liar saying that it hasn’t been about a number. But as I grow it’s more about a feeling, a constant ever evolving relationship.” - Charlotte Masters

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